Afropunkfest 2019 : Live Event Content Creation



Umuzi educates its recruits ( students ) by traditional education as well as plenty of on-the-job training in their designated field. One of the areas of focus for the creative teams was creating content for online media.
Afropunk and Umuzi collaborated on their year end event, by enabling our recruits the opportunitiy of creating live content for their platform to be showcased across the world.


My role was multifold on this project.

  • Creative Director
  • Project Manager
  • Strategist
  • Client Liason
  • In-The-Field Creative


  • EXPERIENCE: The teams that would be involved in this project would be very junior.
  • EXTERNAL TEAMS: One of the requirements by Umuzi was to not only use current students in the organization, but also include all previous Alumni creatives, whom could not attend briefings and planning sessions
  • SCALE: There were a total of +60 Creatives that needed to be managed over a 16 hours each day for two days, with unique roles and functions.
  • QUALITY:  Afropunk was aware of the level of content that Umuzi could achieve, but needed to consider that their audience is a global one with high-prestige and thus, high quality content had to be produced with live turn arounds of every hour.

The Process

CLARITY: At its core, I broke down the core requirements for content by Afropunk and their media-handling company Mobile Media Mob, to align across key objectives behind their content. They had key areas of focus and key topics and I broke that down into various categories.

PLANNING: From there, teams of Photographer, Videographers, Designers, Retouchers, Runners, Data Capturers, Social Media Posters and Copywriters were asigned slots over each of the two days in shifts. This enabled creatives to both work and experience the event as well as bring structure to multiple groups of content creators.

WAR ROOM: We occupied an area where all the media companies were based at the event and set up a “war room” where all operations would take place as well as meet.  Teams of creatives would head out and shoot content and return every hour .

PRODUCTION: We had junior project managers assist in gathering creatives for download, as well as social media posting.

WE SEE YOU: We ran with various prototypes during this time but one that stood out before the event began was a phrase of “We See You” as a reflection that Afropunk should stand for not only the creative and extroverted but to celebrate each one of the unique individuals that come to the event. Thus, between Gilbert Pooley, the MD of Umuzi and myself, WE SEE YOU was born.

This has been used as their slogan ever since.


With a key focus on clear objectives, roles and communcation, a team of juniors was able to create world-standard creative content that was enjoyed by the Afropunk audience.

Likes on Instagram, from Umuzi made content
Points of Engagement overall, from Umuzi made content


As a part of the process, I was able to shoot some content as a Photographer, which was also featured by the platform.

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